3xOptions Traffic Light Trade Alerts Program for Options

Traffic Pattern Predicts Large Price Moves We are excited to roll out our new options trade alerts program called the Traffic Signal trade alerts program.  We use our hedge fund scanning technology and market analysis tools to find high quality trade alerts for the most liquid optionable stocks.  Here is why we are so excited about this program…   Actual Trade Alert in DIA (SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF)
It all started when we began to notice similarities with many of the big winners in our Gamma Bars option trade alerts program.  The Gamma Bars program has done incredibly well since we launched it in January of 2017.  However, with as many as 70 trade alerts each week, we needed to create a trade alerts service with 1 to 3 high quality trade alerts each week for the average option trader.   Gamma Bars Trade Alerts Track Record (Jan 2017 – May 2018)
The above Gamma Bars track record assumes a 1% risk per trade and displays the weekly profit/loss from the Gamma Bars trade alerts program.  Because we offer three exits each week (two profit targets and one close of week exit), we take the optimal exit logic for each trade alert in the above track record.   The Genius of Buying Options Trading options provides a powerful advantage in that you cannot lose more than the cost (premium) of a call option or put option.  No matter how wrong you are with a trade, when you buy a call option or put option, you cannot lose more than the premium you paid for the option.  This is great benefit! On the flip side, when you are really right with an option trade, you can make far more money than you risk losing when buying options.  The graph below highlights this incredible advantage called Limited Losses and Unlimited Gains with options.
So with the new Traffic Signal options alert service, our trade alerts only buy call options or put options so you can sleep at night knowing that if the sky fell, you cannot lose more than the value of the option you bought!  Your losses are limited! But, as you can see in the chart above, if you nail a long option trade and win big, there is much more upside potential than downside risk, which is a great thing.     The Traffic Signal Chart Pattern The Traffic Signal chart pattern is an exciting discovery we made when we studied a number of the big winners in our Gamma Alerts service.   We noticed that a number of the big winners in our Gamma Alerts program occurred when certain market conditions were present, namely: ① Strong Momentum ② Projected Cycle Swing ③ Timing Cycle Turn When we observed with a number of our big winning Gamma trade alerts that all three of the conditions above were present in a stock, then the stock would often experience a large price move in the direction of momentum.   Actual Trade Alert in DIA (SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF)
Notice in the weekly chart above, the DIA (ETF) experienced all three Traffic Signal conditions, 1) Strong Upside Momentum, 2) a Projected Upcycle Swing, and 3) and a projected Cycle Low (turn).  This actual trade alert we broadcasted led to a 338% gain in the DIA 235 Call Option that we recommended. Disclaimer:  Note that there is both a potential to profit and a risk of loss when trading options.
In the chart above you can see the three Traffic Signal conditions were all met as evidenced with the 3 Green Dots.  This is simply a chart indicator telling us that all three Traffic Signal conditions were present in DIA, which led to a dramatic up move in prices.  The DIA 235 Call option we recommended increased by 338% in five days! Call options allow us to make money if a stock moves higher.  But Put options, on the other hand, allow us to make money if a stock drops.  Notice that the three Traffic Signal condition were present in the WFC chart below.   Actual Trade Alert in WFC (Wells Fargo)
In the weekly WFC chart above, we observe that the three Traffic Signal conditions were present, 1) Strong Downside Momentum, 2) a Projected Down Cycle Swing, and 3) and a projected Cycle Peak.  This actual trade alert we broadcasted led to a 515% gain in the WFC 56 Put Options that we recommended.   WFC Traffic Signal Trade Alert
Not too bad for 5 days!   Putting the Odds in Your Favor Professional trader will tell you that you have to do the following three things to make money consistently in the markets: ① You need to find a proven trading strategy ② You need to apply your strategy consistently over time ③ You need to apply good money management principles Although no strategy in the world can guarantee that you will make a million dollars, we believe that the Traffic Signal trade alerts puts you in a position to make consistent profits with trading options.  And, by leveraging our hedge fund caliber trading scanners and market analysis tools, you can benefit from our research and technology to seek to put the odds in your favor in a big way! Below is a great example of our hedge fund research team finding a high quality option trade alert in MMM.  The three Traffic Signal conditions presented themselves and our recommended MMM option trade grew by +389% in days.   Actual Trade Alert in MMM (3M Co.)
Win with Probabilities Real trading involves a realistic trading plan.  Not every Traffic Signal Trade Alert will result in a profit.  You will have losing trade alerts – that is part of trading.  However, our goal is for you to have more and larger winners than you have losers.  Our goal is to leverage probabilities to win at trading over time.   Actual Trade Alert in FDX (FedEx Corp.)
You can see in the chart above that our trade alert for buying the FDX 217.5 call option resulted in a gain of +493% by waiting patiently for the Traffic Pattern to reveal itself. We never want to put all of our confidence into any single Traffic Signal trade alert.  We want to approach trading options by seeking to make money through probabilities.  Therefore, rather than trying to find a single bullish or bearish Traffic Signal trade alert, we recommend that you risk 1% or less on a larger number of alerts over time.  You determine the right risk level for your account.  We may have periods where we broadcast multiple call option or put option Traffic Signal trade alerts for several weeks in a row and we may have periods with no alerts.   We Remove the Guess Work! With the Traffic Signal options alert service, we tell you the exact option to buy, including: ① Stock Symbol and Option Type (Call or Put) ② Strike Price ③ Expiration Date So when you receive an email trade alert from us, you will know the exact option to buy…no gray area whatsoever!   Actual Trade Alert in F (Ford Motor Company)
The chart above shows an actual trade alert in Ford Motor Company.  With the Traffic Signal trade alert above we told our traders the exact option to buy: Buy F 12 Call with Expiration of Dec 8 2017.  There was not gray area as we included the stock symbol to trade (F), the type of option to buy (call), the strike price (12), and the expiration date (Dec 8 2017). We never leave you guessing by providing all of the information you need to buy the exact option we recommend! Disclaimer:  Note that there is both a potential to profit and a risk of loss when trading options. In the SPY chart below, we broadcasted a trade alert to buy the 260 calls that expired Dec 8, 2017.   Actual Trade Alert in SPY (SPDR S&P 500 ETF)
All three of the Traffic Signal conditions were present and our call option increased in value by +206%! Sometimes the opportunity to make money is from falling stock prices.  That is why we also scan for Traffic Signal profit opportunities for stocks that could aggressively sell off. In the PFE chart below, we broadcasted a trade alert to buy the PFE 37 Puts that expired March 30, 2018.   Actual Trade Alert in PFE (Pfizer Inc.)
All three of the Traffic Signal conditions were present and our put option increased in value by +414%!   Traffic Signal Patterns are not Common The goal of this alert service is to seek to identify special trading opportunities where multiple market conditions all line up.  For this reason, there may be days or even weeks where we have no Traffic Signal trade alerts.  If the three special conditions are not present in the over 150 stocks we track, then the Traffic Signal pattern does not appear.  So if you are an options trade who wants a lot of action and does not want to wait for special conditions to unfold in the markets, then this alert service may not be for you. For example, the Traffic Signal pattern did not appear very often in COF during the 2017 calendar year.  We did however get a Traffic Signal alert in the chart below to buy COF 87.5 Call options in November of 2017.   Actual Trade Alert in COF (Capital One Financial)
You can see in the chart above that when the Traffic Signal pattern appeared in November 2017, the price of Capital One rose dramatically.  Our call option trade alert increased by 480% as a result.   Simple Trade Alerts that Anyone Can Follow Believe it or not, Traffic Signal trade alerts for options are very easy to follow.  For each Traffic Signal call or put option trade alert, we provide all of the information you need to buy the exact option we recommend.  In addition, we also provide Two Profit Targets that you can use to exit with profits early, giving you three potential exit logics for each trade alert.   Our Trading Edge Every professional trader will tell you that you simply must have a trading edge if you expect to outperform the broad market.  A trading edge, in simply terms, is typically a technology advantage or a skill advantage that most traders don’t possess.  Our goal is to both achieve a technology advantage and a skill advantage over time.  Gaining a trading advantage is not easy and there are no short cuts.  It has taken us over 25 years to realize the trading advantages that we now enjoy and that we now share with you in the Traffic Signal alerts service. Now, we will be the first to admit that we do have losing Trade Alerts at times.  However, although we cannot guarantee winning Trade Alerts every time, we are confident that we can effectively identify Traffic Signal patterns in the group of optionable stocks and ETFs that we track.  We believe that we can beat the markets by leveraging the power of confluence (multiple conditions that all point in the same direction).  This means that, in our opinion, our winners as a whole should exceed our losers over the long term. Although our goal is for you to make a lot of money trading options, it is important to note that there is a risk of loss when trading options and that past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.  Be sure to take the time to read our Risk Disclosure and understand the risks associated with trading options.   Traffic Signal Trade Alerts Delivered to Your Email Inbox Each day we monitor over 150 stocks to find the special Traffic Signal patterns.  Once we identify a Traffic Signal pattern in a stock, we immediately send a Traffic Signal email trade alert directly to your email Inbox.  So be sure to monitor your email Inbox for our timely Traffic Signal trade alerts. Email Traffic Signal Alert Example (Alerts will include Two Profit Targets)
Hedge Fund Caliber Research for You Each week we work hard to analyze our list of optionable stocks to find Traffic Signal Trade Alerts so you don’t have to.  Using our hedge fund stock market scanners and our hedge fund market analysis tools, we focus on finding the highest quality Traffic Signal trade alerts.  In addition, most traders cannot simply sit in front of the trading screens to monitor markets.  That is why we provide our full time hedge fund research team to watch the markets using our hedge fund technology so you don’t have to.  Now you can benefit from our research team!   Trading Best Practices In order to achieve long term success with the Traffic Signal trade alerts, we believe that at a minimum, you must understand and embrace the following keys to success:   Realistic Expectations – In this case, you need to understand that trading options is risky.  Many of the Traffic Pattern Alerts will lose 50% to 100% of the option premium, so expect this and don’t be frustrated by this. Why do we say this?  Because as professional traders we know that every trading strategy has losing trades.  However, as we know we will have losing trades, we also expect (but cannot guarantee) that we will have a number of big winners.  Expect extreme account volatility.  This means that you could lose half of your account value and then double your original account value if everything goes in our direction.  We will work to create a smoother ride than this, but you need to be prepared to anything.  The key to success here is to have more or larger winners than we have losers.  We are up for the challenge.  But you must have realistic expectations.  This will be a volatile ride!  This strategy is not for the faint of heart nor is it for the risk averse!  We will never conquer the markets; we just hope to beat the markets over time through our powerful trading edge, extreme leverage, and winning Traffic Signal trade alerts.   Control Emotions – Don’t get too excited with winning trades and don’t get frustrated or depressed with losing trades.  Losing trades are a cost of doing business in the trading profession and wining trade profits can reverse and give back profits at any moment.  Try to avoid extreme emotional highs and lows and stay focused on the core disciplines listed in this section that contribute to overall success.  Emotions are bad in the trading profession and therefore must be kept in check.   Trading Edge – This involves using our powerful hedge fund caliber market analysis tools and scanners, which involve waiting patiently for those very special Traffic Pattern option trading opportunities.  Out specific goal, among other things, is to identify potential Traffic Signal patterns in a number of stocks that we track.  And, once we identify these special trading opportunities, and only then, do we broadcast Traffic Signal Alerts to your email Inbox.  Our trading edge is being able to potentially identify Traffic Signal alerts as they occur.  This means that we must also know when not to trade and wait patiently, which will be much of the time.  Our goal is to find the special option trading opportunities through superior trading tools and technology.   Risk Management – In order for any trader to succeed, he or she must manage per trade risk.  With whatever level of per trade risk you determine is appropriate for your account, you must work to make sure the each trade risks approximately the same amount over time.  Ideally, we recommend risking 1% of overall account value or less on each Traffic Signal trade alert.  The reason for this is that at the end of the day, nobody really knows for sure which trades will be the winners and which trades will be the losers.  If you are serious about trading, you must be serious about managing per trade risk.  Only by doing this can you potentially beat the markets through probabilities.   Account Leverage Increases – An important consideration is when to increase per trade risk (or account leverage) for a growing account.  Most traders do this way too quickly.  We recommend doing this at the end of each quarter at the most, and this assumes that you have experienced strong account growth during the previous quarter.  Otherwise, we do not recommend increasing per trade risk (account leverage).  Patience and discipline are needed in this area to achieve aggressive long-term account growth!   Disciplined and Consistent Approach – Successful trading is not easy.  You must define what you are willing to risk on the front end and you must be willing to keep going through difficult times when you experience several losing trades in a row.  New traders tend to be overly optimistic.  If you are ready for difficult and challenging periods (difficult losing periods with deep account losses), then you will be able to easily endure winning periods where everything goes your way.  If you can’t get through the difficult periods, then you will never make it to the winning periods (assuming a profitable trading outcome over time).   Learn About Options – You need to take the time to understand options as a leveraged financial instrument.  Trading options is risky, but you can also make a ton of money trading options if you know what you are doing and if you have a trading edge.  We are primarily focusing on long Call strategies and long Put strategies, and possibly some vertical Call and Put debit spreads as well.  We are focusing on defined risk strategies that offer exceptional profit potential if and when they hit.   Check Your Email Inbox before Monday Stock Market Open – If you choose to follow Traffic Signal trade alerts, and if you understand and accept the high level of risk associated with these Trade Alerts, then you need to be sure to pay attention to your email Inbox and look for Traffic Signal trade alerts when they hit your email Inbox.  This is because all trade alerts are time sensitive.  You don’t have to sit in front of your computer all day and you don’t have to take all of the trade alerts we broadcast (or any of them for that matter).  However, if we are looking to beat the markets over time with probabilities, then we believe it is to your advantage to consider all Traffic Signal trade alerts – assuming you can take accept the risks.  Also, Traffic Signal alerts for any given week can be correlated, so this fact can potentially impact your risk management.   Work Your Option Orders at Times – Certain options can have wide Bid/Ask spreads.  Make sure you understand what this means.  We recommend that you carefully monitor each option market and we recommend that you study the Bid/Ask spread before you place any trades on Monday Morning or on Friday at the close of the week.  Consider using limit orders and consider tracking your orders to see if each order limit price was accepted – you may need to modify limit price orders in some cases to get in some trades.  Sometime you need to work fast.  If you don’t monitor your Bid/Ask spreads and your orders, you can be sure that option market makers will rip you off over time.  This can dramatically eat into your profits over time (assuming we are successful).   Exiting Trades – Exiting a number of losing trades will most likely involve risking 50% to 100% in the Gamma Bars program.  This is a risk you must accept with this program.  However, when exiting losing trades with the goal of recouping residual time value, then the goal is to work exit orders between the Bid/Ask prices.  In general, if dealing with a wide Bid/Ask spread, you will want to select a price between the midpoint of the Bid/Ask spread and the Bid price when exiting a long Put or long Call position.  This process involves part art and part science.  When dealing with winning trades, you must be cautious when encountering wide Bid/Ask spreads. If your option is In The Money (ITM), you want to make sure that you at least get a price equal to the intrinsic value of the option when you exit (the intrinsic value is the absolute value of the difference between the current option price level of the underlying and the strike price).  Be careful as option market makers are often looking to take advantage of unsuspecting options traders.  Exiting both winning and losing option trades involves a skill that you will want to work to develop over time, or you may be taken advantage of.  It’s not difficult; it just requires some study and attention to detail.   Give it Some Time – If you are interested in following the Traffic Signal options trade alerts program, you need to think in terms of probabilities.  One month of following this programs is not enough in our opinion, because these strategies are designed to take advantage of long-term trading probabilities.  The greater the number of trade alerts, the greater the chances for success over time (in our opinion, assuming that we are successful longer-term).  Again, we cannot guarantee success or that you will make a million dollars, nor can anyone.  The bottom line is that you need a larger sample size to benefit from Traffic Signal trade alerts assuming that we are ultimately effective in identifying good trades.  You may not want to quit trading right when things are about to turn around and get exciting.  Many new traders do this.  But, you must also recognize that no strategy in the world can guarantee that a turnaround is inevitable during challenging times.

How do I get the Alerts?

One or more Traffic Signal trade alerts will be sent directly to your inbox as we identify these patterns over time. In each Traffic Signal trade alert, we tell you the exact Call Option or Put Option to buy. With each trade alert, you will also be give two profit targets where you can exit your option trade with profits during the lifetime of the trade. The Traffic Signal strategy requires that all option positions be exited for a trade when we broadcast the final exit email.

How often do you send alerts?

You can expect to see 1 to 3 signals each Monday morning before the open on average. Some weeks may be more, some may be less. Yes, we are selective about our trade alerts.

What kind of options trades do you send?

Our trade alerts will involve defined risk option strategies, like Long Calls, Long Puts, Long or Short Vertical Call or Put Spreads.  Our Traffic Signal alerts focus on highly liquid stock options.

What will the Alert tell me?

We will give you the exact specifics of each option trade alert, including the underlying Market Symbol, Strike Price, the Expiration Date, and Call or Put (or Both with Spreads). In addition, we will provide two profit targets that we recommend considering to exit your option trades with profits during the lifetime of the trade.  We will also broadcast exit trade alerts, so watch your email Inbox.

How much should I risk?

You have to determine the risk level that is right for you and your account.  Please take the time to understand the risks associated with trading options.  In general, we do not recommend risking more than 1% of your account value at a maximum.  You and only you must determine the appropriate risk level for your account.

How much does it cost?

As an early adopter, our annual membership is $1,495/year. You may contact our support team with any questions.   Limited Subscribership The Traffic Signal trade alerts program is designed for a limited subscribership as many of the option contracts we will be trading have limited liquidity.  If this program is full, you can contact us to get on the waiting list.  This program is designed for retail option traders, so we respectfully request that hedge fund managers and professional brokers do not register for this program.  If you sign up for this program, you should view this as a longer-term strategy whereby we seek to beat the markets through probabilities over time.  If you sign up for this program and choose to cancel your subscription and then decide to come back, you may be required to go on a waiting list.
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